TraffickJam was created to empower, train and disciple both short term and long term workers around the world to effectively and courageously address human trafficking in all its forms internationally.  TraffickJam is a ministry of Gospel Fire for All Nations.



  • To empower existing anti-trafficking NGOs objectives by educating new international workers to assist and support in varied areas of skill through train the trainer programs for national and international workers.
  • To pioneer new projects internationally to reduce harms caused by power imbalances, gender bias, and exploitation
  • To empower exploited people through emotional healing, financial, educational and spiritual opportunities to restore their lives to their original God-given design



TraffickJam’s core values are:

  • Integritysimply doing what is right, faithful and truthful through accountability even if it is difficult.
  • Honorpreferring one another in love
  • Empowermentto equip, train and release others with support and a strong sense of autonomy.  We hope that each graduate will consider future work in anti-sex trafficking with TraffickJam and explore and spear head new projects.
  • Pioneeringto explore, develop and initiate new ideas and solutions to address the harms of human trafficking and its root causes
  • Serviceto come alongside others to help them meet their objectives and goals
  • Courageous Creativity to audaciously believe we have the God-given ability to answer problems with inventive and leading edge answers




  1. Partnering with NGOs Internationally: to develop a relational network of leaders/staff within regions affected by human trafficking
  2. Program and Development: to aid in the design of programs in accordance with the Gospel Fire for All Nations /TraffickJam purposes and objectives to train new leaders.
  3. Leadership Development: to facilitate new leadership and staff development in response to requests and identified needs.
  4. Educational Resource Development: to create resources that aid in the training of short term and long term anti-trafficking workers or exploited person in our programs and to facilitate the distribution of new and existing resources to TraffickJam network.
  5. Program Monitoring: to receive, track and review course registration documentation for each TraffickJam program.
  6. Strategic Multiplication: to promote the pioneering of programs and Field Assignment/Outreaches in areas around the world most affected by human trafficking
  7. Project Development: to pioneer new and innovative projects around the world to address the harms of exploitation,  gender bias, and power imbalances.
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