Application School of Freedom Fall 2019

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Do you have a story related to sexual exploitation? 300 Word Max

Are you willing to do the preparation work for this trip which will include books to read on trafficking, Cambodia and inner healing. There will be videos to view. You will also need 3 seasoned intercessors committed to praying for you during the mission and for 2 weeks upon your return.

If accepted how will you fund your trip?

We believe in team, and if accepted you will be an important part of the team we are building. Please indicate the skills or gifts that you have that you think you would be able to offer:

Other skills and abilities

Do you have any health concerns physical or mental? Will you be bringing or on any medications during our trip? Please list

If you have health risks, please describe action plan that may need to employed by leaders.

Have you experienced sexual abuse or trauma in the past? This will not disqualify you. God can use you to bring comfort where He has comforted you. 2 Cor 1:4. We ask applicants to go through an inner healing resource.

Have you viewed pornography in the past? This does not necessarily disqualify you.

Do you currently have a pornography addiction? Due to the nature of this trip and for your own spiritual safety, we will need to be sure that the issue is resolved prior to taking you into these nations.

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