Bio & Endorsements

Tyrelle Smith is a strong teacher, with insight and wisdom.  She has been educating groups, individuals and churches on human trafficking for years.  Tyrelle has been to many nations and enjoys educating and empowering destiny while mentoring her students.  Her goal is to fulfill her destiny with fiery passion, bringing alongside those she equips so they can fulfill theirs as well.   

Tyrelle has a zeal for souls and never misses an opportunity to share Jesus Christ wherever she goes.  

She can start a fire wherever she goes.  

A seasoned and tenacious intercessor experienced in extended prayer and fasting for regions, people and the cause of trafficking, she brings an authority to prayer and training.  

She has danced for 38 years, taught and run her own dance school.  She looks forward to training future professionals and nonprofessionals to work in anti-trafficking efforts.

The gospel for her is Isaiah 61 good news and good works under the power of the Holy Spirit

“Deeply passionate, extensively knowledgeable, internationally experienced, Tyrelle Smith is a clear prophetic voice calling for heavens justice and freedom to be established on earth in the realm of buying and selling human souls.”

Richard Lepp
Saskatchewan House of Prayer

“Tyrelle successfully completed the STM Leader certification course where we worked through the issues of how to lead effective and lasting short term mission around the world. Tyrelle’s compassion for the marginalized shone through. This is a testimony to Tyrelle’s great interest in making a lasting difference with the world’s most vulnerable people”

Mark Crocker – Executive Director

Tyrelle is a gifted teacher!  She has a high level of understanding on the issue globally and locally.  As a passionate follow of Jesus she is able to bring truth and hope into a very dark issue.  Tyrelle has the ability to draw her audience in with her energy, joy, wisdom. She clearly carries an authority in the Spirit. Tyrelle is our Outreach Director at Hope Restored Canada.”

Joeline Magill
Hope Restored Canada Vice Chair

“Tyrelle has a gift of teaching and leading groups with her contagious faith and bold personality. I have witnessed her ability to educate others on the topic of human trafficking and global missions. She meets students where they are at and teaches both practical insights to help others understand the root causes of trafficking to grow in empathy and provides opportunities to grow in faith themselves.  She has poured countless hours into careful study to prepare the School of Freedom and has a balanced holistic approach in order to build into others so they can pour out the love of God to a hurting world”

Jodi Kozan
Founding director of Hope Restored Canada

Tyrelle is a passionate and gifted teacher who has the ability to cut straight to the heart of her topic and to the heart of her audience. She not only researches, but discerns her topic to impart knowledge as only an anointed speaker can.”

Tina Maki
Freedom Catalyst Alliance

“Tyrelle is able to blend her multiple expertise and interests to create a full perspective and experience for participants. She has an incredibly deep understanding of human trafficking, trauma, healing, dance arts, and faith. This school curriculum and mission trip are unlike any other!”

Adri Carlson