Empower Cambodia Opportunities: Free a Person for Less than it cost to Enslave them!

Sponsor a child to an international education.

  • Restoring education restores financial opportunities to families. A regular education in Cambodia is about 20$US a month but operates on an unofficial taxation system where due to low wages, teachers charge for quizzes, tests, marking, assignments and tutoring to survive.  However, it causes many children who can’t pay to receive a low education if any at all.  Through XP Ministries your sponsor child will receive an education at an international school. http://www.xpmissions.com/education-empowerment-program/
  • Here, your sponsor child will also learn English which is the language of trade, business and finance in Asia opening many doors of opportunity for children and decreasing vulnerability to sexual exploitation and trafficking.
  • Cut Free is a new initiative that empowers those coming out of prostitution and exploitation.  Many girls are tricked by friends and family to go to Phnom Penh to work only to find themselves in Karaoke bars.  Girls will be empowered to live their dreams.  Their new skills will save them, their families and future generations from exploitable financial vulnerabilities.
  • http://www.xpmissions.com/cut-free-cambodia/

Offering empowering options to Cambodian families and serving established organizations who know what works best is imperative to change. Existing foreign organizations in Cambodia are required to have Cambodian board members which serve the NGO in cultural sensitivity, connections and streamlines answers that will actually work within the Cambodian society.