Empower Cambodia Opportunities: Freedom, education and restoration!

Sponsor a girl to an international education or support rescues.

  • It costs less than $700 USD a year to educate a girl through University in Cambodia.  In doing so, you can set her and her family free and empower her lead and influence the nation.  Contact tyrellesmith@traffickjam.ca to sponsor a young lady into a new life.  Our goal is to sponsor 1000 girls a year.  Currently, we have organizations willing to pay stipends to support young women who are sponsored through our organization
  • Cut Free is a new initiative that empowers those coming out of prostitution and exploitation.  Many girls are tricked by friends and family to go to Phnom Penh to work only to find themselves in Karaoke bars.  Girls will be empowered to live their dreams.  Their new skills will save them, their families and future generations from exploitable financial vulnerabilities.  Hair Dressers around the world can raise funds by asking clients to donate 1$ towards the restoration of a young lady in South East Asia.