Healing Waters

Healing Waters for Students:

Have you ever wanted to serve in anti-sex trafficking work in Asia? Do you have a desire to embrace those who are struggling with the trauma of sex trafficking? Do you feel called to encourage, and bring life to those who are in need? Then our Healing Waters program may be for you.

Many trafficking organizations in Cambodia have national workers that are struggling with the effects of working in such a spiritually, emotionally, and physically taxing environment. Secondary, vicarious, or personal trauma related to the sex trafficking environment are common occurrences. We are looking for team members to learn about trafficking in Southeast Asia. Over the course of 5 months, team members will spend one night per week in a live online classroom with other students from around North America. The course concludes with a practicum in South East Asia (Cambodia).  We may be asked to serve in other nations, so please be prepared to serve in other countries.

While on the practicum, you will be partnered with non-governmental organization (NGO) workers in a train the trainer style program. Together, you will go through modules imparting wisdom addressing personal trauma, identity, and self-care. The self-care portion will include the spirit, soul, and body according to 1 Thes. 5:23,24. These workers (your clients) will then be equipped to implement this same care to those they serve on a daily basis. We are teaching how to fish in order to feed for a lifetime.

As a part of healing their bodies from the residual effects of being immersed in a sex-trafficking environment, you will be spending time pampering these workers at a spa, praying for them and with them, and being a safe and supportive friend to hear their challenges. You will bind up the brokenhearted and refresh their hearts.

Also included in your service to Cambodia will be intercession and outreaches.

Cambodia has a population of approximately 15 million people yet has approximately 35 trained counselors for the entire country. As a nation that has been through a genocide killing 21% of its population, it has been plagued with rampant sex-trafficking. Care and training are very much needed in order to heal this country.

This is a Christ-based curriculum with renowned teachers from around the world such as Don Brewster (Agape International Missions), Andrea Aasen (Extreme Love Ministries), and Helen Taylor (Exodus Cry.) Classes begin Monday, January 14th from 5:00-8:00 pm Pacific Standard Time, ending May 14th. The hands-on practicum will begin shortly after arrival in Cambodia. Dates to be announced.  Cost is $6,000 (payment schedule option is available) Transportation, lodging, food, translation services and certificate of completion are provided at no additional cost. A personal self-defense course will be offered during the practicum. Registration deadline is Jan. 7, 2019.



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