Light in the Darkness Outreach

Have you heard about the sex-trafficking in Cambodia and South East Asia and wished you could bring hope and life to those who are trapped in the commercial sex trade?  Are you passionate about seeing people believe that God can change their circumstance?

This outreach will focus on serving the women and girls in Karaoke bars (KTV’s), which run as fronts for prostitution.  Girls are brought into a room by a Mamasan or Papasan and then a few are chosen by customers for the evening’s entertainment.  By going into the KTV’s, you will serve in encouraging these young women and assisting local NGO’s in developing the necessary relationships that will enable possible future rescue and restoration.

You will also take a strong intercessory approach on behalf of the nation, people and NGO’s as well as serve hands-on in local organizations.

God has such a plan for you to bring life and light where this is darkness and despair.  If you feel Jesus prompting you to shine in the dark, we welcome your application in our Light in the Darkness Outreach.

This is a Christ-based curriculum with renowned teachers from around the world such as Don Brewster (Agape International Missions), Andrea Aasen (Extreme Love Ministries), and Helen Taylor (Exodus Cry.) Classes begin Monday, January 14th from 5:00-8:00 pm Pacific Standard Time, ending May 14th. The hands-on practicum will begin shortly after arrival in Cambodia. Dates to be announced.  Cost is $6,000 (payment schedule option is available) Transportation, lodging, food, translation services and certificate of completion are provided at no additional cost. A personal self-defense course will be offered during the practicum. Registration deadline is Jan. 7, 2019.


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