Professional Skills Program

Are you skilled in any area that could bring healing such as social work, counseling, art, dance or music therapy?  Do you have skills in nursing, post-abortive care, early childhood education, grief counseling, trauma care or any other skill? Your skills and passions could open a door for you to serve Jesus internationally in anti-trafficking or trauma care through TraffickJam’s train the trainer model of service.  We will help you build modules with training in your skill base that will enable NGO’s to train their staff and care for their clients.  By empowering nationals with your knowledge, you will be able to strengthen NGO’s, families due to an increase in education and skills, and women who otherwise have less access to education.

If you are passionate about sharing your skills with those who have less access to education, we would love to empower you to serve and share your abilities by multiplying them in the lives of others.  Your knowledge will continue to multiply and to bear fruit in the lives of others long after you arrive home.

This is a Christ-based curriculum with renowned teachers from around the world such as Don Brewster (Agape International Missions), Andrea Aasen (Extreme Love Ministries), and Helen Taylor (Exodus Cry.) Classes begin Monday, October 28th from 7 pm- 10pm Central Standard Time, ending May 11, 2020. The hands-on practicum will begin shortly after arrival in Cambodia  May 16,2020. Dates to be.  Cost is $5,000 (payment schedule option is available) Transportation, lodging, food, translation services and certificate of completion are provided at no additional cost. A personal self-defense course will be offered during the practicum. Registration deadline is October 26, 2019.

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