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Traffick Jam School of Freedom Curriculum and Expectations:

We are excited to have you view our curriculum topics and training.  If Jesus is calling you to learn more and engage in abolition work internationally or locally, we want to empower you.  This is a LIVE ONLINE CLASSROOM.  Practicum is in Southeast Asia.  Graduating students will be invited to lead future teams to the nations of their choice to develop anti-trafficking work internationally with TraffickJam.

Traffick Jam exists to educate both short and long term workers to serve against exploitation of vulnerable people internationally and to empower freedom and wholeness.   We will train professionals and nonprofessionals alike and seek opportunity to utilize your skills to facilitate existing anti-trafficking and restorative care organizations overseas.

We accomplish this goal through online learning and on ground practical service internationally.  The training covers:

  • Human trafficking – labour trafficking, sex trafficking and begging rings
  • International trafficking – a global view
  • Domestic purchasing of Commercial sex
  • Foreign purchasing of Commercial sex – Sexcations
  • Consumer mindset
  • World, national and rural economics
  • Nations push pull-factors
  • History of nation, laws, and rule of law
  • Khmer Rouge
  • Culture and Family
  • Gender: access to education, financial opportunity, rule of law
  • Abortion and Trafficking correlation- gendercide and sex trade correlation
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Religion Buddhism in Asia
  • Belief Tree – beliefs that contribute to push-pull factors
  • Theology of Justice
  • Prayer and Intercession and Strategic Prayer
  • Empowerment opportunities as honoring dignity. (Business, jobs, skills, microloans, social enterprises)
  • Restoration Processes
  • Serving established organizations
  • Self Defense
  • Train the Trainer programs for serving long-term caregivers overseas
  • Training from long-term workers in the field.
  • The Gospel as God’s answer
  • Hearing the voice of God
  • Trauma, triggers and vicarious trauma (secondary trauma)
  • Self-care
  • Prayer ministry training
  • We reserve the right to alter the curriculum to the needs of the students or changes in the outreach and NGO’s we visit.  We also invite suggestions for areas of desired learning not otherwise covered in the above.  If we can not teach it, we will look see if we can find some resources to direct you towards.

Training will take 7 months one evening per week and service will be about 2 1/2 weeks in Asia.  We will have teachers from different parts of the world with experience in healing the commercialization of people, culture, trafficking and intercession.  Resource list will be available October 28, 2020. You can purchase these through amazon or pick up at a local library.  There will also be documentaries, YouTube links and websites you will be accessing.  Classes begin October 28, 2019 and finish May 11, 2020 with hands on practical service in Cambodia and possibly Thailand.

We will have a Facebook group to support one another in learning.  Some of what you learn will be intense for some so bonding as co-laborers, friends, and family in Christ will be a great blessing.  

Who can attend?

Men, women, professionals, intercessors, prophetic people, artists, trauma care specialists, outreach-minded individuals who can give love in dark places, and evangelists who can share their faith.  We strategically build our teams for various assignments and facilitate each person to be the answer God would have them to be for the needs within our God-assignments.  We have had students from 18-72 years old.


Our training for international work requires a tight knit team and a good knowledge base.  We understand, however,  that life happens so each student will be allowed 5 missed classes in the 7 months.  Three missed classes must be caught up by viewing the recording.  The other two classes can be set aside completely with no catch up required to accommodate unforeseen challenges that may crop up in your schedule.

We require each person to have 3 very strong intercessors for 1 month prior to your trip, the duration of your trip and 30 days after.  You will be going into a region of intense spiritual warfare due to the worship of idols and human trafficking. We also ask that you have a debrief time with your intercessors when you return.

All trainees will sign a media policy, code of conduct, statement of faith, and waiver.  Although it is pretty safe, we acknowledge that there are dangers associated with travel and human trafficking.  You will be prepared but will need to place your safety in The Lord’s hands.  We will do our best to keep you safe as entrusted to us by God.  Each student must be prepared to take a mandatory self defense class upon arrival in Asia before the work begins.

Please understand that each organization we serve overseas will have different ways of doing things.  As we submit to their authority and policies, we will be a tremendous blessing.  

We ask that each one have a mindset of flexibility in the training and particularly in South East Asia as trips rarely go according to plan.  As we love each other, we will hold each other in up weakness, cheer each other on when we are strong and celebrate the love of Christ in each other as it plays out in our individual giftings.  It will be a joy to serve one another, organizations, survivors and Jesus our wonderful Saviour.  

As you serve others, we are asking the Lord for this experience to serve you as well within your professional and personal development.

For those who have experienced sexual trauma, please include in your application.  This will not disqualify you.  For your protection, we will ask that you go through a resource for inner healing to protect yourself from triggers on the trip.  God comforts us so that we might comfort others. (2 Cor 1:3-5)  

We hope you will enjoy the school as much as KC and I, Tyrelle Smith have enjoyed preparing it for your service.  We pray that the experience will help you strategize with the Lord what your place is in the global picture of human trafficking and the relationships you build in learning together will greatly bless your life.  May the grace of the God be strongly with you through the Holy Spirit and may you enjoy this journey with Him.

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