School begins: Monday, October 28, 2019.  7 pm CST.  Live online Classroom.

Cambodia Mission: Approximately May 16 – June 2, 2019

See outreach options for costs.

Will involve:

  • Service in restorative organizations for their clients and staff
    • Holistic care individually and in groups through activities and teaching for the spirit, soul and body.
    • Self-care
    • Restoring identity in God
    • Refreshing or revitalizing hearing God’s voice
    • Ministering and connecting directly with staff
  • Research organizations work, services and impact
  • Practical help
  • Outreach
  • Strategic prayer and intercession.

Who can apply? Anyone

A Little about Cambodia

Located in beautiful Southeast Asia, Cambodia is home about 15 million people.   The sex industry is well supported by both foreign purchasers of sex coming in from western nations and locals who regularly purchase as well.  First of all, it’s important to know that there are two types of girly bars in Cambodia: The hostess bars which are oriented to western foreigners and the karaoke bars or bigger KTVs that are mainly oriented to local Khmer males and Asian tourists.

Many girls come from all over Cambodia to work in Phnom Penh, Svay Pak or Siem Riep looking for work while others are trafficked there by family or friends.  Some find themselves in KTV’s (karaoke bars)  due to a lack of skills, education, and opportunities.  Here, they become a commercial and resellable commodity.

Children are also sold to brothels or rented to traffickers by the hour or night to provide an income for families.  Virginity can go for as high as $5,000 USD to foreign purchasers. Only a small amount of this is given to the family.  

Traffickers find a vulnerability in the family financially such as a need for medicine or healthcare, food, and shelter.  They then lend the family money at exorbitant rates that compound beyond the family’s capabilities to repay. As a means of repayment, traffickers then offer to take the child to “work” in a nearby city.

Begging Rings

Even from the womb, children born into poverty are vulnerable to traffickers who offer to purchase them for between $200-$500 USD while their mothers are pregnant with them. Begging rings are one of the most visible forms of human trafficking—and it’s largely financed and enabled by good-hearted people who just want to help and give spare change.

These children are drugged to sleep most of the 24 hours.  As one walks by, they would see an impoverished mother with a sleeping child in her arms begging for food money.  But in reality, the woman and child are being trafficked by an organized crime ring.  These children are often sexually exploited and can be sold into labor rings and sex trafficking when they become too big to carry.

Offering empowering options to Cambodian families and serving established organizations who know what works best is imperative to change. Interestingly existing foreign organizations in Cambodia are required to have Cambodian board members which serve the NGO in culturally sensitive ways, help with connections and streamline answers that will actually work within the Cambodian society.

As you learn more about Cambodia, it’s belief system, culture, family, and push-pull factors, we believe that The Holy Spirit will begin to direct your steps into how your abolition calling will be utilized by Jesus.  His plans for you on the global scene are going to change your life and those who are most vulnerable.  

We are excited to teach and prepare you for taking the next steps internationally.  We trust that your Heavenly Father has you in His grip and will strengthen you as you engage in this issue.  We welcome you to this global work of Free people freeing people.  We are excited to serve you.  We know Jesus will help you fulfill the great commission to:

“Go into all the world and make disciples of every nation, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you… Fear not for I am with you even to the end of the age”  Matt. 28:18-20


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